Do this if something entered your eyes this Lockdown

So many people are home this Lockdown period with their family including adults and children and one thing is sure,objects are likely to enter our eyes.

It just takes one object to enter your eyes and if appropriate care is not taken it could injure your eyes.

These are what to do when this happens and the hospital is a bit far.

Foreign particle on the eye:

  • Do not rub your eye!
  • Pull your upper eyelid over the lower eyelid and roll your eye around.
  • If the particle is still there, get some clean water into your cupped hand(also clean) with the affected eye opened, place it into the water and blink several times.
  • If these don’t help, bandage the eye lightly and see a doctor immediately.

Foreign material/object piercing or embedded in eye:

  • Do not rub the eye!
  • Do not attempt to remove the object.
  • Place an eye shield over the eye and see a doctor immediately.

Chemical burns/splashes:

  • Do not rub the eye!
  • Flush the eye generously under running water for 15-20 minutes. Keep it open throughout. 
  • See a doctor immediately. Also take note of the chemical substance in question.
Did you know? When a person cries and the first drop of tears comes from the right eye, it's tears of happiness but when the first roll is from the left, it's tears of pain.

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