Healthy foods that improve eye health.

What can I do to keep my eyes healthy?

Good nutrition is very important for both your general and eye health. A good diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, may help protect against certain age related eye diseases.

Protect your eyes from the sun

It has been suggested that eyes can be damaged by continuous exposure to intense sunlight. Sunglasses that offer good protection are recommended. Wearing a hat with a good brim can also decrease eye exposure to light. Sunglasses and hats are therefore, recommended for children too.

Don’t smoke

Smoking causes harm to the tissues of the eye by accelerating ageing and affects the body’s ability to absorb or extract necessary vitamins and minerals from food. It can also affect appetite which may result in a poor diet.


Exercise helps prevent many conditions, so is likely to be helpful for our sight. Any exercise will help, such as walking, swimming, cycling, gardening and housework.

Vitamin supplements

With a good diet there should be no need to use supplements, however, they may be used when diet does not include enough fruit and vegetables, or if vitamins are not adequately absorbed by your body. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

Eat for your eyes

Good eye foods: e.g. usually dark coloured fruit and vegetables.

Avocado Sweet Corn Green Beans Peas
Carrots Red Pepper Broccoli Melon
Grapes Blueberries Blackberries Sweet Potatoes
Brussel Sprouts Spinach Peaches Oranges

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