At RAMBOD Optometry whether you pay privately for your eye test or have it paid for by the NHIS, we promise to thoroughly examine your eyes. Your personal eye test is an important part of your regular healthcare and is tailored to your individual needs. It will be conducted by a qualified optometrist for total peace of mind. Your eye test will include:

History and Symptoms

  1. Discussion of any visual problems or symptoms you may be experiencing
  2. Discussion of your medical history – many conditions / medications can affect the eyes
  3. Discussion of your family’s medical history as some eye conditions are hereditary

Visual Performance and Prescription Measurement

  1. Measurement of your unaided vision and/or your vision with your current prescription
  2. Assessment of your latest prescription and whether your vision can be improved
  3. Assessment of your binocular vision to ensure your eyes work properly together

Eye health check

Your optometrist will perform a variety of tests to check the health of your eyes including screening for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and any damage to the eyes caused by diabetes:

  1. Examination of the front of your eye and surrounding area
  2. Examination of the nerves, veins and arteries inside your eyes
  3. Examination of the lens for signs of cataract (cloudiness in the lens)

Additional Tests as Required

Those considered to be at greater risk of eye problems will also routinely receive further tests including:

  1. Visual field assessment
  2. Measurement of the eye pressure
  3. Many other tests such as colour vision are also performed

At RAMBOD our team of optometrists, dispensing Optometrists and specialist contact lens Optometrists will ensure you receive the best professional advice and the perfect prescription for your needs.

Even if you don’t need glasses we recommend everyone has their eyes examined yearly, or more frequently if your RAMBOD optometrist feels it is necessary.


Dr. Ranmi Agagu

0803 309 3808

0803 309 3808

Port Harcourt, Nigeria


This vision is borne of being a corporate entity established as a one-stop provider of quality comprehensive eye care to a wide spectrum of society, ranging from corporate entities to private individuals.


Please kindly note that all our information on individual is provided in good faith and is designed to be as helpful as possible. It is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with an Optometrist/Optician, and customers experiencing a sudden deterioration in vision, red eyes, or sever discomfort/pain are advised to consult an Optometrist or physician or visit accident & emergency immediately.