Your prescription

You’ll need a full eye test within the last 12 months. We will have a record if you had it with RAMBOD Optometry, otherwise please bring in a copy of your prescription. If you’re due for a test we’ll happily conduct this prior to your contact lens consultation. Once we know whether you are long or short-sighted, if you have astigmatism, and whether you need an extra help for close work we’ll advise you on your options.

Your lifestyle

Talk to us about your lifestyle. We will help you decide on the best lenses for your needs depending if you intend to wear your lenses every day, on regular days (e.g. only for work or sport) or just occasionally for special occasions. It’s also useful to talk about how long you will want to wear the lenses on the days you do wear them as there are choices which are best for lenses worn for less than 12 hours, up to 16 hours, or if you will sleep in your contact lenses.

Your choice

Our contact lens experts will advise the best lens for your needs. We have options for every budget, every lifestyle and every prescription these days so, unlike even a few years ago, virtually everyone is now suitable for contact lenses.


Please kindly note that all our information on individual is provided in good faith and is designed to be as helpful as possible. It is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with an Optometrist/Optician, and customers experiencing a sudden deterioration in vision, red eyes, or sever discomfort/pain are advised to consult an Optometrist or physician or visit accident & emergency immediately.