At RAMBOD we understand that everyone is unique with a different personality. Not everyone looks for the same things in glasses and sunglasses. Not everyone wants to wear the same boring eyewear or conform to current trends. This is exactly why we are the Optometrist for you.

RAMBOD Optometry appreciates diversity, innovation and quality. We have an awesome range of designer glasses and designer sunglasses. RAMBOD Optometry stock many well-known and fashionable designer brands. We take pride in maintaining our good relations with these brands in order to provide customers with all the latest and most current trending eyewear available.


Please kindly note that our information on individual is provided in good faith and is designed to be as helpful as possible. It is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with an Optometrist/Optician, and customers experiencing a sudden deterioration in vision, red eyes, or sever discomfort/pain are advised to consult an Optometrist or physician or visit accident & emergency immediately.

We Stock these Eye-wear Brands