The advantage of contact lenses for children

Even though styles of glasses are trendy and desirable these days, contact lenses can help boost self-esteem, increase confidence and improve performance in children. These give excellent all round vision and are so comfortable you often can’t even feel you’re wearing them.

Contact lenses are great for active kids

Plus, for active or sporty kids wearing glasses is less than ideal. Contact lenses worn for sport give the benefit of an unobstructed view of the playing field and which can help with reactions and performance. Also, contact lenses are stable when running about, so playing sport feels more natural.

People often ask us if contact lenses are suitable for children

When parents ask us if contact lenses are suitable for youngsters we usually explain that maturity and ability to handle the lenses can be a more useful guide than age alone. But in general we find that kids age 8 (or sometimes younger) have no problem applying or removing contact lenses without assistance and older children and young teens are usually fine with contact lenses.

Dailies – the healthiest lens option

Although there is a wide range of contact lenses on the market, we recommend that children, and even younger teens, wear daily disposable lenses. They have the advantage that they don’t need to be disinfected for re-use as they are thrown away after each use and so are a healthier option. Also, today’s dailies transmit more oxygen through eyes – very comfortable and excellent for eye health.

What will it cost?

Your child can wear contact lenses as often or as little as she/he chooses. Some like to wear their lenses every day, but others will swap about between their glasses and contact lenses. This is why we offer a range of choices, so you can opt for the package that seems right. And don’t worry if things change, just by giving us a call we can adjust the package to suit your child’s needs.

Where to start?

Simply book an eye test for your child and ask for a FREE contact lens consultation. Our experts will guide you through, explain the different options available and recommend the perfect solution.

You and your child will be trained by one of our qualified staff on how to apply and remove contact lenses and look after the hygiene so important for great eye health. After that we will insist on seeing your child after the first couple of weeks to check how they are getting on, then we call them back for regular check-ups to ensure that eyes remain healthy at all times. These check-ups are all included in the price you pay.

What if they change their minds?

Some kids take to lenses quickly and easily, but others may want to go back to their glasses. Our Optometrists will help guide you and your child about what is best. If your child can’t get on with lenses simply return the initial supply of lenses and keep the new pair of glasses.


Some eyes are not suitable for standard contact lenses. We cater for specialist lenses and complex prescriptions. Our Optometrists will advise.


Please kindly note that all our information on individual is provided in good faith and is designed to be as helpful as possible. It is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with an Optometrist/Optician, and customers experiencing a sudden deterioration in vision, red eyes, or sever discomfort/pain are advised to consult an Optometrist or physician or visit accident & emergency immediately.